Bridal Portrait Sessions

What is a bridal potrait session?  Well, I'm glad you asked :-).  It's simply when the bride has pictures taken in her wedding gown before the wedding day.  Yes, I know.  Sounds a little crazy.  But it can actually be helpful in many ways.  Here are a few advantages to taking bridal portraits before the wedding.

1.  Get comfortable with your photographer:  The bridal portrait session will allow you to get to know  your photographer better and get used to his or her shooting style.  

2.  First Look: It's a perfect opportunity to test your bridal hair and makeup.  If you're not pleased with the first look, you have an opportunity to get it right for the wedding day.

3   Get creative:  Have your photos taken at a different location besides your wedding and reception venue.

4.  Save time:  Taking bridal pictures in advance will shorten the photo session on the day of the wedding, leaving you with more time to enjoy your new husband and wedding guests.

Happy Planning!
Raven J.