5 Tips for Selecting a Great Venue

Selecting your wedding or event venue is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your special event.  There are lots of things to consider such as the obvious: location, the number of people the venue can hold, and of course whether you find the venue aesthetically pleasing.  I  would like to share a few things that I think are often overlooked, and that you should keep in mind when choosing your venue.

1. Space- There should be enough space for eating, drinking and dancing.  Be sure that there is a dedicated area for the cocktail hour, dance floor, and that the venue will still be roomy enough once the room is filled with tables and chairs.

2.  Catering- Some venues will have an in-house caterer or a preferred caterer list.  This may sound very convenient at first, but be sure that you will be comfortable with using their caterer before signing the contract.

3.  Decor Limitations-  Always ask about decorations.  Venues often have rules regarding what can be hung from the wall or ceiling, using rose petals, and sparklers, just to name a few.  You want to make sure that your selected venue will accommodate your event design or at least know up front what you may have to compromise on.

4.  Wheelchair Accessibility-  Is the building wheelchair accessible?  Are their lots of stairs to climb?  Will the guests be able to utilize elevators?  

5. Parking- Yep, no one wants to search for a park on your big day. So please make sure that there is ample parking to accommodate your guests.  Also be sure to find out if parking is free, if the guests will have to pay, or if valet parking is available.

Happy Planning!
Raven J.