Day in the Life: Atlanta Wedding Videographer Eric Blanks Media

Happy Wedding Wednesday!  I'm excited to bring a new series to the blog titled "Day in the Life".  In this spotlight I will feature Q&A from select Atlanta wedding professionals.   For brides and grooms this should provide excellent insight into what to expect when hiring wedding professionals.

Name: Eric Blanks

Company: Eric Blanks Media


Why did you choose a career in videography?

Both my father and brother had a huge influence in my choice of becoming a

videographer. I've been around cameras (both video and film) my entire life

so it was only a matter of time. I can recall seeing my first cinematic

wedding online and thought to myself..."Wow, that was awesome. I would

love to create something so visually stunning, heart-felt and moving!"

Describe your typical wedding videography client experience.

Most(~80%) of my inquires come from online and the remaining from a phone

call. I typically try to help all potential clients, even if they don't

book with me. After I inform a couple of my package prices, if they want

to move forward I set up a face-to-face meeting before any contracts are

signed or money is exchanged. If a couple lives out of town I typically

schedule a video chat consultation.  My consultations typically last from

30 minutes to an hour. At the consultation meetings I typically don't

discuss contracts unless the couple asks first. The last thing I want for a

couple is to feel pressured.

After a couple decides they want to proceed usually a deposit is sent in

with the contract(snail mail, or electronic).  Once the contract and

payment are received I block off that date from my calendar.  I usually

stay in contact with the couple up into the wedding day. Typically the

wedding planner would send me a schedule a few days out in which I may ask

to insert a few items into the schedule if necessary(i.e. vow prep

writing or toast prep writing).

What sets Eric Blanks Media apart from other wedding videography companies?

We produce true cinematic films. A lot of companies say they are cinematic

but you don't hear any sound from the actual ceremony, reception, etc. I

purchase cinematic music that sometimes takes me days to find the perfect

score. I also have the necessary equipment to produce a cinematic

film (slider, dolly, drone, audio equip, etc).

Speaking of the drone,  tell us more about this feature.

The first time I saw a drone video I knew I had to purchase one.

Even though I never saw it in a wedding film(I'm sure people have used it

prior to my knowledge), I knew that it would separate me from other

videographers. The drone I use has it own stabilizing system so the shots

are flawless! I try to open all of my films with an aerial shot.

How would you describe your video recording style? 

Simple yet effective. I let my equipment work for me. It's mostly about angles and

proper lighting and a good mix of camera movement.

What advice would you give to a couple when searching for a wedding videographer?

DSLR cameras provide a better cinematic experience than a

traditional camcorder.  Make sure that the videographer uses stabilizing

equipment. My pet peeve is shaky footage.

What do you enjoy most about filming weddings? 

 Seeing the excitement of couples and being able to capture those moments.

Thank you Eric for allowing me to interview you and helping me to kick off this new series!

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Happy Planning!

Raven J.