Day in the life: Atlanta Wedding Makeup Artist Samantha Reese

I'm having a blast with the new "Day in the Life" series and I hope you guys are enjoying it too.  Today I'm featuring a very talented make-up artist.  I cannot stress how important it is for the bride, bridesmaids and mothers to have their make-up professionally done for the wedding day.  It makes a world of a difference in the wedding pictures!

Name: Samantha Reese

Company Name: Samantha Reese, Make-Up Artist


Why did you choose a career as a professional make-up artist?

 I've always been fascinated with beauty, makeup in particular, from the time I was a little girl. It was always something that I had an affinity for. When most little girls were playing with Barbies, I was playing around in my mom's makeup bag, and trying to re-create the looks in

Sophisticate's Black Hair

 magazine (it was usually a fail, but fun nonetheless). That love for makeup grew and grew as I got older, and I eventually parlayed that into a career.

How would you describe your wedding make-up style?

Definitely 'Natural Glam', which can be bumped up or dialed down, depending on my bride. 

What are some of your favorite make-up brands to use for wedding make-up?

I'm all over the place with the brands I use, since I feel different brands have different products that I love. Some of the brands that are staples in my kit are Makeup Forever, Nars, MAC, Urban Decay, Lorac, and Kevyn Aucoin.

Do you offer a bridal trial session?  If so, what can the bride expect from this experience and how should she prepare?

They are mandatory for all of my bridal clients. In my opinion, the wedding day is not the place to "figure out" how the bride wants to look, what colors to use, etc. I want that time to be completely void from stress, so making sure that I am equipped with everything that I need to recreate the look from the trial is one of my ways of keeping things running smoothly.

What to expect:

 Before the trial, I'll ask for any photos (Pinterest is a great place to search) that illustrate what type of look you envision for your wedding day, so that when we meet, I have a starting point to work from. I'll replicate the look, then from there, I'll tweak the look in any way you'd like, until you are completely happy. I'll take photos and write down all of the products I used to create the look. Once that is settled, I'll ask her about her bridal party, and how she'd like


 to look, if she has a specific look or guidelines for their makeup. If she does, I'll create a cohesive look for her bridal party, based on her direction, and my aesthetic.

How do you choose make-up colors (lips, shadows, etc.) for each bride?

It's all based on her personality and level of comfort with wearing makeup. I've had brides that wanted a barely there, "more polished version" of themselves, as well as ones that wanted full-on Glamazon. For the most part, I stick to neutral colors on the eyes and cheeks, with a gentle pop of color on the lip, unless my bride specifically wants something bright or smoky.

Should brides and their bridal party do anything to prep their skin before the wedding day?

Absolutely! Excess hair removal, GENTLE exfoliation, and your skin and body hydrated, can totally make the application process go smoother (no pun intended). It's always best to remember that the better your skin looks, the better your makeup will look.

What advice would you give to a bride searching for a make-up artist?

If you can help it, do not wait until the last minute! While I've had plenty of 11th hour brides, I always prefer to have a comfortable timeline to get to know my brides and schedule their trial(s). 

What do you enjoy most about doing wedding make-up?

Everything! It's such an honor to be such a major part of my bride's special day. Bridal makeup is some of the most gorgeous makeup to me, and I just love helping my brides see the beauty that I see in them, in themselves.

Since I’m a lipstick fanatic myself, I have to ask, what’s your favorite lipstick at the moment?

Definitely Ruby Woo by MAC. It's a classic Old Hollywood, matte red. Whether you're headed to a board meeting, the mall, or a black-tie wedding, it's always appropriate, and looks beautiful on every complexion.

I love Ruby Woo as well!  It's a staple in my makeup bag.  Special thanks to Samantha for shedding light on wedding day make-up

.  Ladies be sure to visit

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 to inquire about her services.

Happy Planning!

Raven J.