5 Ways To Be A Great Wedding Guest

Since we are in the "thick" of wedding season, and most of you probably have at a least 1 wedding to attend in the near future, I thought it would be helpful to share some wedding tips for the guests.  These are just a few items that will help keep you in good graces with the bride and groom!


Be sure to RSVP.

Although this may sound very simple, many guests assume that they are accounted for because they receive an invite.  This is far from true and your RSVP, in a timely manner, is very much needed.  Prior to the wedding day, the couple/wedding planner has to provide a final guest count to the venue and caterer, amongst other vendors, and this is why your timely RSVP is necessary.


 The Plus One.

Please refrain from bringing "plus ones" that were not included in your RSVP.  As mentioned above having an accurate guest count is crucial to many areas of wedding planning.  Not to mention if the bride and groom have chosen to do assigned seating for the reception, it's important that everyone is assigned a seat.


Observe the dress code.

Wedding invitations are typically mailed out two months before the wedding day.  If a dress code (ex. semi-formal, black tie, black tie optional) is given, please plan and dress accordingly.


Arrive to the ceremony on time.

No one likes to enter a wedding ceremony late, so please be cognizant of the time.  A good thing to know is that most planners (including myself) will start seating guests 30 minutes before ceremony time, so come a little early to avoid the rush and allow for possible traffic (Hello Atlanta!) and bathroom stops.


Follow the leader.

When the ceremony is over the bridal party will remain and take pictures, and the guests will be directed to the "cocktail hour" space, or to a second venue. And then of course into the reception.  Either way, please be sure to follow the directions of the wedding planner and his/her staff.  Venues only allow so many hours per wedding, and that is why we try hard to keep the wedding day on schedule.

Of course the list could go on, but I think I hit the most important points.  Keep my tips in mind at the next wedding you attend.  The wedding planner will love you for it!  

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Raven J.